The Pack


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My family is a Pack. Like wolves, only human.

The Father – the Alpha, “Capital D” for Dad

The Mother – the Alpha female of the family, “Capital M” for Mom

The Oldest Brother – “Alpha”, because he is and always will be the alpha of the pups.

The Oldest Sister – “Library”, because she is a source of literary knowledge, naturally introverted, very pleasant to be around.

Me, the Third Child – “Damsel”, because all the connotations that come with this word describe what I strive for in myself and encourage in others: Femininity, fairytales, literature, fashion, kindness, courage, knighthood, manliness, patience, beauty, and more.

The Younger Brother – “Iron”, because he’s built like a train tank, both physically and mentally.

The Younger Sister – “Red”, because of her hair and the sass that comes with it.

The Youngest Sister – “Golden”, because she is sunshine to all of us, easy-going, amiable, but gets intense on occasion.

The Almost Youngest – “Knight”, because he’s chivalrous, thoughtful, gentle and sweet.

The Youngest – “Ingenious”, because he’s creative, adventurous, and always telling us about something or other that he’s creating, learning about, or already done.

The Sister-In-Law – “Delectable”, because although she fits in perfectly with the rest of us, she brings a contrast to our family that God knew we required, she’s quaint and practical, and is a really good cook.

The Niece – “Fairy god-daughter”, because she’s just that.

Nephew 1 – “Calvin”, because he’s mischievous, head-strong, and charming at the same time.

Nephew 2 – “Hobbes”, because he’s the counterpart to his brother, cuddles and smiles, but fights back when necessary.

Nephew 3 – “Man Cub”, because he’s a big, happy, chubby man of a baby, and his Dad is his favourite.


*For privacy sake, all those persons mentioned in posts are given pseudonyms.