About Damsel & the Rose

THE BLOG NAME: My Catholic Faith is just that – A Rose Amid Thorns. Roses are the eye-drawing beauty in any garden, just as a Catholic woman should be a beacon of valiant love in a world of turmoil. No rose is as beautiful without it’s thorns – no glory is made without sufferings and tribulations. Plus roses are my favourite flower!

THE GOAL: As a twenty-something in a world that demands the disregard of virtue, faith, and true Love, I choose to go against the current. To hold fast and true to those treasures which have been so viciously denied our generation. A Rose Amid Thorns is simple turf, where everyday duty calls us to higher heights and we strive for sainthood through said duties. It is an outlet where I hope to share the small meaningful anythings I come across, with other like-minded Catholics I know are out there. It is a calm, cool, collected (yet passionate) corner. I know what it is like to be walking upstream against a quick and vicious current, and I hope to give encouragement to my fellow twenty & thirty something Catholics, to keep fighting the good fight and seeking to fulfill God’s will in our lives.

I am a twenty-something Catholic Canadian who loves the Latin mass and any liturgy done the good ol’ fashioned way, striving for holiness and accomplishing God’s will in my life. I shoot guns, hike mountains, enjoy Irish whiskey around a bonfire, cook,  detest the words “empowering” & “fellowship” (in every usage but LOTR, obviously), enjoy fitness, love to travel, sing, read classic novels and fairytales, am a “fairy god-auntie-mother” to a nymph child, spend endless hours chatting away the day with my family, swim in Canadian lakes, drink tea, interior decorate by hobby and trade, and love to spend hours on a riverbank soaking in the beauty.

If you like what you read, please drop a note to say hello and follow the blog, or contact me via email for any reason at all at: damsel.roseamidthorns@gmail.com. I love to be in contact with other like-minded Catholics, and believe that support and community are healthy ways of encouraging and maintaining our narrow paths to heaven.

Note: For privacy sake, this blogger uses the pseudonym “Damsel” from the Latin root word meaning “young unmarried maiden”.

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Blatantly uncharitable comments will be promptly disregarded 🙂 


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