2017 Book 5: The Twisted Sword, by Winston Graham

The next book of the ‘Poldark’ series. It includes an under-cover mission to Paris following Napoleon’s initial defeat, a marriage, a major tragedy, pain, loss, beginnings of healing. Can’t possibly give any more info then this without giving away the 10 books before this one.

Winston Graham writes with such understanding of human emotion. Since the very first book of the series, I can identify quite a bit with one of the heroines of the story – temperament, outlook on life, different emotions that come and go, and her ability to sort things out in a logical way, despite the emotional charge surging through her. In this book she goes through such trails (as in past books, but these are of a different type of suffering), it was fascinating to read in Graham’s words exactly what was going through my head as I read the reactions and processing steps going on in one of the heroine’s minds. Every single character (and there are ever so many throughout this 12 book series, multiple side stories of different inhabitants of the Poldark’s area of Cornwall), is entirely unique. Despite it being fiction, Graham writes with such truth of human reality.




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