A year in review, and a New Year

Happy New Year, and Happy Feast of the Holy Family (ok so I’m a day late), readers!

I tend to always think nothing of significance happens in the span of a year, as they come one after another and time goes by with working and being single. But 2016 was a fairly full year, reflecting back. Achieving my aquatic fitness certification, specializing in pre & post natal fitness. Travel plans to Europe being put to snuff, taking an entirely different direction into exciting adventures in New York City (thanks to a pal over there). Meeting my priest (my FSSP parish does a “Spiritual Motherhood” in which each woman randomly chooses an FSSP priest to pray for daily). I met my priest, after a few years of praying for him daily, which was a wonderful experience to be treasured. Camping. Friendships changed and friendships forged. Wasted time binge-watching and new novels read. A new vehicle dubbed “Percy” to replace the old “Cassius”.  Re-finishing furniture projects. Creative coaster making and Christmas craft fair tables. The beginning of “Kindred Readers” book club. Bible study group. Our dog Loki. General love growth in my family.

My spiritual new year usually begins with the Church, and I begin resolutions with Advent. This began a few years ago when, the day before First Sunday of Advent, I decided to get off Facebook. I attest my current disdain of Facebook directly with the fact that I linked it to my spiritual well-being and the new year that comes with Advent. It gave me something (or rather, someone) higher to give my resolution to – to Our Lord.

I don’t find the material New Year sets the same vigour as the Spiritual New Year in any of my resolutions. But 2017 brings a new year, and I do have more material resolutions I have put to myself because I realize so many things happen in a year, without even realizing it. Therefore, goals can be set and achieved. These goals, in particular:

  1. Write/keep track of every novel I read this year. Putting pen to paper during or after every book I read is time consuming and I haven’t always found time for it. But this year I will make time.
  2. Write more faithfully in my journal, as I’ve lacked the past few months.
  3. No binge-watching. Netflix can be as mind-numbing as Facebook, when allowed to be.
  4. Attend more social events. Friday nights are sometimes so hard to be social on, after a long work week – and I’m a social, adventurous extrovert! (Introverts, you have my sympathies on this, truly). Mind over exhaustion and be social before becoming squirrely.
  5. Hike more in hiking season. Put other things aside and go out in nature, because that’s where I am happiest.
  6. Go shooting more. Work on aim and precision.
  7. Travel somewhere I want to go to.

Those are my material goals for the new year. At the end of the year, I plan on being able to truthfully acknowledge my success.





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