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Movie Review: Zootopia



I heard that this movie was pretty funny, so I went and saw it. Yes, it turned out to be pretty funny, but it was also very interesting…

Judy is a tiny little country bunny who dreams of being a crime-fighting cop in the big city of “Zooptopia”. With hard work, perseverance, and hope, she makes it through, and finds herself in said city with no friends or family and thrust in with all the “real” cops. (Who all consist of “bigger & tougher” animals like a rhino, elephant, buffalo, etc). She meets Nick, a con-artist fox. Through various circumstances, they find themselves working together to solve the biggest current mystery in the city of Zootopia: several animals have gone missing, and there is strange evidence involved.

The movie was entertaining, and quite humorous at times. You rooted for the main characters because we learned their backgrounds, childhood events that made you want them to succeed. Judy is hard-working, hopeful, determined, intuitive, and all around a loveable character. She sets out to achieve her goal, despite the fact that the whole of Zootopia is against her. She comes from a loving (if slightly apprehensive) and very large family of rabbits, who are all there to wave good-bye as she hops onto the train to Zootopia. (“…don’t have to ‘breed like rabbits’ “comes to mind…). Nick is a sly fox, having made his living as a con-artist most of his life. He also just doesn’t seem to care too much about what anyone else thinks, and has a very carefree attitude. We quickly learn to like him, and eventually it’s revealed that having tried as a cub to be part of regular life with other young animals, he was bullied and pushed out, all on account of his being a fox, and therefore by nature untrustworthy. Judy, being a caring individual, stands by him. In a way, they were both under-dogs, yet coming from different places. The nature of their friendship, how they unintentionally slowly nettled their ways into each others hearts, was sweet and good.

“Anything goes in Zooptopia!” This is the catch phrase of the movie. Zootopia is a “progressive” city where anyone can be anything. 

When Judy first meets Nick, he is with his con-artist pal who is dressed up as a baby fox in an elephant costume. They are in the middle of a job, and when Judy interferes, Nick says his “little guy” has always wanted to be an elephant. Judy’s little heart melts at this, she leans down to the “baby fox” and tells him to “keep dreaming and hoping and eventually, someday, he WILL be an elephant.” Sorry…come again? He is a baby fox (actually I think he’s a red panda pretending to be a baby fox pretending to want to be an elephant), and no matter what he does, or how hard he tries, he will ALWAYS be a fox. No “wishing, dreaming and hoping” can change that fact of nature. His DNA can’t suddenly change and make him an elephant, make him something completely opposite or contrary to what he was born as, even if he does all the hoping and wishing in the world.

The animals replace humans. They have “progressed” and come so far as to wear clothes, work jobs that we all work, even live harmoniously with both predators & prey. At one point Judy and Nick enter a place called the “Mystic Spring Oasis” which is essentially a nudist colony. Judy is shocked and horrified at the sights she sees, which are regular human activities, only being performed by “naked” animals. The slightly drugged-out oasis is viewed with horror by the main character, which, although funny during the movie, doesn’t quite fit with Disney’s agenda that “anyone can be anything”. It’s pushed so hard in this movie that anyone can do or be anything they want, so what’s Judy’s problem with just going around naked? (Unless Judy represents the intrinsic nature in all of us since Adam took that bite from Eve that no matter how “progressed” you try to bring human nature, it will always recognize severe disorder & sin for what it is…but I digress…) Perhaps Disney intended Judy’s horror to be humorous, but also make us question why she has a problem with it, since everyone else has accepted it as perfectly acceptable. No one else has any problem with this whatsoever, not even Nick, so why should Judy? Clearly she’s not up-to-date with this “progressive” Zootopia.

The missing animals in the case Judy & Nick are investigating have all been shot with a drug that causes them to revert back to their “savage” natures (which in all their cases, happens to be predatory). The animals of this Zootopian world have “come so far” that any natural behaviour they have is “savage”. Umm… Brave New World much? As society tries to “progress” human nature past “gender equality”, past “transgender”, and get us to the point of an androgynous society, the nature of human beings as intended by God will be seen as savage, pre-historic, taboo. Just as the animals in Zootopia have “progressed” past their nature to eat following the line of the food chain.

While I did enjoy the entertainment aspect of the movie, there was much more to this movie then meets the eye. There was clearly an agenda behind it, and what better way to infiltrate and indoctrinate all of these New World Order goals into the next generation then by a cute little animal movie?