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Anne & Gilbert – literary models of Life & Love. NOT pro-choice agenda.

anne of ingleside

a doting mother…

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I just read this article. SIGH. Sometimes I question the human beings level of logic. Or rather, it just proves the lack-of-logic by pro-abortionists, yet again.

Why in the world would you use Anne as a pro-abortion figurehead? Obviously whoever had this brilliant idea *sarcasm alert* has never read the series, and possibly mis-construed the meaning of the movies (if they’ve even watched them!). For those who haven’t read the series, (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!) Anne and Gilbert marry and move across the island where he sets up practise. Anne is over-joyed when she becomes pregnant, and all her time goes into preparing for the arrival of the new little life inside her. But tragedy strikes when little Joy is born weak and frail, and lives only a few hours. Anne is grief-stricken, her heart is broken and she has little hope in the future, because it seems her future was taken with her little daughter. Anne, as we know from her past, draws the love out of everything around her, so she works through her grief with the help of her devoted husband. Eventually Anne bears her second child, a son. Then another son. Then two daughters, then another son, and finally another daughter. As we watch the Blythe family grow through the years, it is love that binds them together. Love for one another, love for their home, love for their town, love for their friends, love for life itself. I don’t need to say much more, as it’s well put in the article.

So, pro-abortionists, where do you arrive at the conclusion that such a life-loving and generous character such as Anne Shirley would be a good figurehead for your selfish life-destroying agenda?

Please, do inform me, as I’m reaching the conclusion that your ignorance in classic literature is yet another sad piece of your ignorance about life.