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Profanity under the guise of “Creation”


St.Peter’s Basilica


I love cats, but excuse me while I go throw up…

All through time, sacred places have been profaned by those against the Christian faith. Our churches have been burned, broken into, vandalized, the list goes on. More recently, they have been profaned by those who claim to be in one-accord with the faith. There are polka dances during the liturgy, non-liturgical music concerts staged in sanctuaries, they are sold to Protestants to house heretical worship instead of Our Lord Himself.

After our Christian history, should we be surprised that St.Peter’s Basilica, our earthly centre of faith, be profaned to the extent it has been? Probably not. EXCEPT THAT IT IS OUR OWN PEOPLE DOING IT. St. Peter’s was not bombed by the unmentionable enemy, it was not burned by a psychopathic anti-christian group. It was lit up with pictures, desecrated by our very own, under the guise of “creation”. Creation, my foot. To “begin the year of mercy” by desecrating such a sacred place with the anti-Christian (ie. anti-CATHOLIC) ideologies of the Climate Change agenda, is beyond despicable. To put it quickly and simply, the goal of Climate change is to make us into George Orwell’s 1984. We’re well on our way. This was not about mercy. The way mercy is being portrayed right now is not the truth of mercy. It matters little what material mercy we give to the world – it only matter the spiritual mercy, and re-focusing our lives around God’s Love and Mercy for us. THAT is what the year of mercy should be focused on.There is also mercy in justice, they go hand-in-hand, you cannot have one without the other. So really, this “year of mercy” should yank justice out from under the rug, where it’s been swept under and kept hidden since 1962.  Everything is rooted in Charity,  Charity is Love, Love is Our Lord. Our Lord’s mercy is what we need. Not a sickening showy festival of lights to play on our emotions and draw us into “saving the animals” and “help” the impoverished by accessible abortion and population control.

On top of everything it stands for and is, St.Peter’s Basilica is the epitome of Catholic art, which brings us closer to Our Lord. It is the material centre of our faith on this earth. How then, are we to respond when our generals themselves have stripped headquarters of it’s dignity, shown they disrespect everything we fight for by welcoming the enemy into our very living room and proclaiming with show and pizazz that what the enemy fights for, we approve of and will fight along with them? Or rather, we will submit to the evil and be good little sheep, to be herded and lead right off the cliff into hell.

Now, more then ever, do we need Our Lady’s intercession. It was not co-incidence that this monstrosity of a sacrilege took place on the Feast of her Immaculate Conception. She will not abandon us – no matter what the state the visible Church is in. The spiritual Church will always be there for us to lean on, to trust in, to lead us to our final heavenly destination.





Can the heart desire what the eye does not admire?

Yeah, they used to dance in these rooms. SIGH.

One of the characters in the series I’m reading asked this question, and I’ve been pondering it for the past week. I’ve almost concluded that the answer is “No”. Although it may differ slightly depending on personality types/temperaments.

Speaking as a rather sanguine individual, I do not think my heart could truly desire what my eye does not admire. I tend to be very external, I love beauty in the grand sense. Interior decorating was a natural profession choice as I am naturally drawn to beautiful things to an extent that I don’t think the average person “suffers from” ;).   My jaw drops at the ornateness of Baroque wall furnishings, the delicate curve of a Queen Anne chair, and my fingers tingle at the touch of a well woven and patterned fabric on an old antique rocker. If I didn’t have this appreciation for decor, would my heart and mind seek external beauty in the decor realm? No. Which also makes me question whether I would seek Catholic art? Probably not. So would I seek the beauty and truth that the inside of my own parish church reflects? I doubt it, or at least I doubt as to how strongly. That’s not to say that my faith stems from interior decorating. Not at all. But rather, I was given the help of the external appreciation of beauty to aid me in seeking for Our Lord. The eye catches what the heart should seek. So in my case, I think no, the heart cannot desire what the eye does not admire.

Someone of a more internal personality then myself may not be affected the same way from external things. Their heart may know instinctively what to strive for without their eye first having to admire it, or their senses first having to draw them in. I imagine not everyone is the same. But could you overlook completely what the eye sees? You would not, for instance, desire to go into a decrepit shack, where you could instead go into a prettily pristine one right beside it, would you?

Of course there is also the truth that we live on faith, and desire God without having seen Him. But we have external beauty that leads us to Him, we do not solely desire Him without knowing even a glimpse of beauty. So for even internal temperaments, does the heart desire what the eye does not admire, truly?

Maybe I should continue pondering this… I don’t think my answer is as concrete as I thought… although I lean towards the answering being “No”.

Thoughts and comments welcome on this one.


Can’t tell me that Catholic art doesn’t draw you closer to Christ.