Book Review: Cranford


pretty much exactly what I imagined while reading the book

If you’re looking for a witty English novel to read, Cranford is your book. It is the simple telling of all the goings-on in a mid 19th century small English rural town. It is narrated by a frequent visitor and friend of a main character, Miss Mary Smith, who, when she is not in the town, is kept up to date about it’s happenings by letters. The town is want of men, and is primarily composed of hoity-toity elderly ladies of “position”, whose prime interest is keeping Cranford free of all change, and keeping all those they admire out of the terrible plight of marriage. Different events take place, characters are introduced into the town, and the whole place buzzes with excitement from it’s own small events.

Each chapter is a different little event that goes on, so to give any more detailed plot would give too much away. The main characters are rather silly (in the old British sense of politeness and snobbery), but their vices are redeemed by their virtue. If you’re looking for a chuckle, or even a “laugh-out-loud” funny, pick up a copy of Cranford – granted you understand and appreciate British humour, because this book is certainly full of it!


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