Travel While You Can

All week I’ve been mentally preparing myself for travel – I’m such an advocate for traveling when you’re young and single. Who knows when you’ll be able to do it again!? Sure it costs money, but money will always be there, and it’s just money, right?

You can spend all the years in the world going to school, and coming out of it without any first hand knowledge and true experience of the world. Of course education is a good thing. But education is not achieved solely in the classroom. Our generation has been brainwashed to believe that if you don’t go for post-secondary education, you will have achieved nothing in life, and will be a failure. Ha! This, my consorts, is a lie! There is far more to life than getting good grades, spending hours upon hours learning at a desk, in a classroom, with papers and books, eventually having a piece of paper that says you are “qualified” for a certain job, and then spending the rest of your life in said job. Of course education and all this is a good thing, for we need men who are capable of supporting a wife and family, and the girls who never do get married or join a convent need to be able to provide for themselves (alas, gone are the days of dowry’s and family fortunes!). But don’t let the world tell you this is the most important thing. It is a big, fat, juicy, lie. The world will always try to tell us what is better, but as Catholics we know to turn a blind eye to the world. Travel provides first hand experience of different people, ways of life, ideals and thoughts we may never otherwise have had exposure to. Not to mention seeing more of God’s beautiful creation. It allows an appreciation for what we do have, which we may not have had otherwise. It is an opportunity to remove ourselves from our current situation, and often puts things into proper perspective. As far as I’m concerned, traveling is only beneficial. (Aside from the disappearance of hard earned cash. But again, cash is replaceable – life experiences and memories aren’t!)

Tomorrow I embark on an adventure! And although A Rose has been rather quiet lately, it will be quiet for the next few weeks while I’m away. Upon my return it is a resolution to start blogging more. There, I said it. Now I’m accountable. 🙂

If you haven’t been traveling before, start planning a trip now! There are multiple resources to do a trip within a budget. So start planning!




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