A Baby’s Letter

A simple and powerful exposure of what abortion really is.

I once heard the first hand story of a girl who went with her friend to have an abortion. The friend had no one to go with her, and although the girl disagreed with killing babies, she went with her friend because the friend had no one else. The girl saw her friend drugged so high she didn’t know what was happening. She held her friends hand as tiny feet passed through the suction tube. It was bloody and horrific. Years later, her friend was still suffering from the loss of her child. Of course she was. No mother gets over the loss of her child who was so viciously killed inside of her, and at her own desire. I gave the girl a contact number of someone her friend could reach out to for help, but that is the last I heard. I hope she has found, or someday finds, peace in Our Lord’s love, and is one day re-united with her lost child.

The video reminds me of a book, “Angel in the Waters” by Regina Doman. It’s written, like this video, from the baby’s perspective. The baby is conversing with his guardian angel while growing in his mother’s womb. It’s simply and beautifully done, with lovely illustrations.



Share this video in any way you can.

And if you’re going to a baby shower anytime soon, consider ordering Regina’s book for the new Mama!


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