Happy Easter!

“O God, Who, on this day, through Thine only-begotten Son, hast conquered death, and thrown open to us the gate of everlasting life, give effect by Thine aid to our desires, which Thou dost anticipate and inspire. Through the same our Lord.”

– words from Easter Sunday’s Collect.

These words stuck out to me at Easter Sunday mass yesterday morning, I read them over and over. Sometimes it’s a fine line between seeking God’s will or our own, especially when you feel so strongly about one particular thing. For instance, getting married: many of us feel called to marriage, and yet there is no one around who appears to be “the one”. Maybe we missed something? Maybe God’s trying to show us that it isn’t marriage He wants from us, but a religious life instead? I can hear you from up in Canada girls… “But I don’t WANT to be a nun! I want to have a house and sew and cook and cuddle babies!” Alas, it isn’t always about what we want. In fact, it has nothing to do with what we want, but rather, what God wants for us. We will be the happiest in this world by fulfilling the path HE has for us, not what WE have for us. Of course we all know this, but it’s different to actually put it into practise. It’s a decision we have to make every single day, maybe even several times during the day. And we can do it, with His help.

But back to my point… I think often times we are given certain desires because, in the end, that is what God wants of us. On the rare occasion you hear of someone who dramatically entered a convent or became a priest. But more often than not, people end up doing what they have always desired to do. Most married men and women did want to get married, most nuns always desired to be a nun, most priests had it in at least the back of their mind for most of their lives. So my point is that God inspires certain desires in us. If you can’t shake that longing to get married deep in the back of your heart. chances are you will get married (preferably to the man or women God has set aside as a perfect fit for you). But in the mean time, why not enjoy where God has you right at this moment? He’s given you this time in your life to grow, to learn new things, to become the man or woman He wants you to be. And despite the longing to get married, He knows exactly when you will meet that right One. So for now, maybe He wants you to learn to cook for the sake of your future family, maybe He’s giving you the opportunity to travel and see more of His beautiful creation, or maybe He wants you to learn perseverance in a job you don’t like because He knows down the road you’ll need that same perseverance with a mother-in-law who nit picks at you constantly. We don’t know exactly the reason, but we do know that He has put us in this exact spot in life because He wants something of us during whatever time it is for you.

So don’t let go of those deep rooted desires, or bury them, but rather keep them on the top of your bookshelf in plain site, dusted and ready to by pulled down whenever God inspires you to reach for them. After all, that’s exactly what this past weekend was about. His passion and death were for us to reach heaven, and the particular path He has for each of us will get us there.

Side note: Easter liturgies are the most solemn and beautiful of the whole church year, anyone who doesn’t attend the Latin mass should really seek it out for next Easter! But maybe go a few times to a regular Sunday mass beforehand so you’re not completely over-whelmed by the length and sacredness of the Easter liturgies! 😉


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