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A Delighted Hello!

Hello dear reader! I’m delighted you are taking time to browse this blog. What you can expect from it are simple, honest, and hopefully helpful musings, thoughts, opinions, and suggestions, of a simple Catholic gal…trying to do it right! I love to share any information I lap up in reading, talks, conversation, experiences, etc. And I know what it is like to be walking upstream against a quick and vicious current! I hope to give encouragement to my fellow twenty-something Catholics, to keep fighting the good fight and seeking to fulfill God’s will in your life.

For all you twenty-something gals who are single, don’t wish to be career women, who ultimately just want to be married and raise a family all for the Love of God, I’m here to encourage you! For all you twenty-something men who want to find the right girl God has somewhere for you and raise a family for His glory, I’m here to encourage you! If you don’t fall into this category it’s no matter, for we should all be striving for the same thing – eternal happiness with Him in heaven. This is a simple place where accepting daily duties is our path to heaven.

I currently work full-time as a kitchen designer/interior decorator. I’ve never been career driven, but working is where God has me now, which means it is currently necessary for my sanctification. Plus I’m learning all sorts of interesting construction things, and using my practical schooling and life-long-love of making a space beautiful as well as functional. It is true that you will never find happiness in seeking it – happiness comes from abandonment to Him and being content with your current station in life. And so as a twenty-something in the working world who just wants to do God’s will in my life, every opportunity to gain graces is welcome! And certainly I am not the only one with these goals, so I hope I can be of any assistance I can be!